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Innovation Lab: Systems Biology for the Cancer Microbiome

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26 Nov 2018


Innovation Lab: Systems Biology for the Cancer Microbiome

April 29th - May 3rd, 2019

Beaver Hollow Conference Center

The 2019 Innovation Lab: Systems Biology for the Cancer Microbiome is jointly organized by the National Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to explore the intersection of systems biology and the cancer microbiome. Microbiome researchers have utilized sophisticated bioinformatic approaches to analyze and integrate various data types but have found it much more challenging to effectively build models that provide insights into the complex interactions that can lead to emergent systems-level behaviors. Cancer systems biologists bring together experimental cancer biology with mathematical modeling to understand cancer processes, but as a field has made little headway into incorporating the impact of the microbiome on the prevention, initiation, and progression of cancer. The Innovation Lab: Systems Biology for the Cancer Microbiome will bring together experts from a variety of fields (Applicant Information) to form new collaborations, ideate and refine new projects, and identify opportunities to accelerate research on the influence of the microbiome in cancer. A more detailed description can be found here (Applicant Information).

This five-day event brings together researchers from diverse fields to meet, interact and form interdisciplinary teams. The goal of the thinktank is to lay the groundwork for future advances in the study of the microbiome in cancer. The teams--which may evolve and change over the course of the event--will generate ideas for pilot projects that tackle priority problems at the interface of cancer systems biology and the microbiome. The event will be facilitated and the teams will pitch their ideas to he whole group, and receive constructive feedback from mentors to refine their ideas during the innovation lab.

Application Procedure:
Selected Participants will by notified by Feb 28th 2019

Eligibility Criteria: FAQ

This event focuses on Cancer Microbiome and Systems biology which will require creative new approaches from a wide variety of solvers. Collaborative individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise are encouraged to apply (Applicant Information).

The organizing committee will select approximately 25 applicants who demonstrate a collaborative spirit and represent a variety of different disciplines, backgrounds and approaches. The deadline is 11:59PM, Eastern Time, January 25th, 2019 but applications are reviewed as soon as they are received (on a rolling basis), so apply early to ensure consideration! Selected participants will have their travel and hotel accommodations fully covered by the National Cancer Institute. Applicants must be willing to commit to stay for the entire duration of the Innovation Lab.

Preview application questions (Applicant Information)

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