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12 Sep 2018


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Harris, Devin Member
Hatch, Marco Member
Heck, Nadine Member
Heppell, Selina Member
Hernout, Beatrice Member
Holen, Davin Member
Javernick-Will, Amy Member
Jiang, Ningjun Member
Kamer, Krista Member
Kane, Haunani Member
Kidwell, Susan Member
Kolesar, Sarah Member
Lam, Nina Member
Lester, Charles Member
Leung, Meredith Member
Levine, Arielle Member
Li, Jia Member
Lima, James Member
Littles, Chanda Member
Liu, Kam-biu Member
Love, Brooke Member
Luengo, Maria Member
Luther, Mark Member
López-Duarte, Paola Member
MacCready, Parker Member
Mahmoud, Hussam Member
Maio, Chris Member
Marshall, Jeff Member
Mattos, Kaitlin Member
McMillan, Hilary Member
Meiburg, Eckart Member
Meo, Mark Member
Michailidis, Stavros Managers
Michailidis, Costa Managers
Member Roles: Facilitator
Miller, Robert Member
Moffett, Kevan Member
Morgan, Harriet Member
Murphy, David Member
Needoba, Joseph Member
Nguyen, Lan Member
Parrish, Julia Member
Patsch, Kiki Member
Prevedouros, Panos Member
Qiang, Yi Member
Ravens, Thomas Member
Reed, Denise Member
Restrepo, Juan Member
sanders, maggie Member
Sanders, Brett Member
Schaefer, Kathleen Member

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