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12 Sep 2018


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Albert, Mary Member
Ambrose, William Member
Anderson, Clarissa Member
Arias, Mauricio Member
Beavers, Rebecca Member
Bilkovic, Donna Member
Braswell, Anna Member
Brooke, Samantha Member
Bundy, Marie Member
Burnett, Andy Managers
Member Roles: Facilitator
Canestrelli, Alberto Member
Chandrasekar, Chandra Member
Chang, Edmund-Kar Member
Cheng, Chingwen Member
Cheng, Chingwen Member
Closek, Collin Member
Craw, Michael Member
Cunningham, Sam Member
Curtis, Scott Member
D., Robin Member
Daniel, Raychelle Member
Dong, Cecilia Member
Donnelly, Jeffrey Member
Dugan, Jenny Member
Durden, Susan Member
Fang, Nick Member
Figus, Elizabeth Member
Fonseca, Dina Member
Gallagher, Tanya Member
gong, jie Member
Goodall, Jonathan Member
Goodbred, Steve Member
Guenther, Carla Member
Haines, John Member
Hathaway, Jon Member
Helmuth, Brian Member
Hill, Kristina Member
Hill, Tessa Member
Hindsley, Paul Member
Horney, Jennifer Member
Horton, Radley Member
Idziorek, Katherine Member
Johnson, Noor Member
Kearney, William Member
Keller, Klaus Member
Kenney, Melissa Member
Kettner, Albert Member
Keys, Pat Member
Kiaghadi, Amin Member
Kolker, Alexander Member

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