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Statistics Graduate Education at a Crossroads

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30 Jul 2018

Welcome to the Workshop!

The workshop is scheduled to take place in the Edison B at the Westin - 400 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, VA 22314.  


How to use this website

In preparation for the workshop, we would like you to do three things:

  • Fill in your online profile.
  • Add to the background reading section. Each of you brings a unique perspective to this challenge. What would you recommend for us all to read? Please add your suggestions to the comments box, at the bottom of the reading list page
  • Take a moment to learn about your fellow participants.




What to bring?

Almost everything you will need to participate in the event will be provided. It will be useful to bring your computer or iPad. You will find it helpful for both accessing publications, and drafting research ideas


What to wear?

Dress for creativity, rather than formality.


We look forward to seeing you in November! Should you have any questions please contact Deb Nolan at

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