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Toby Scott


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    Like a Mars bar, Toby is part creative caramel, part technological fudge with a thick coating of business savvy and a flat underside. Starting life as a radio and theatre director has made it hard to shrug off the perception that he is a bit of a luvvie but he is happiest facilitating organizations to innovate effectively or teaching companies how to solve their own problems. He used to do big-brain, think-tank work as a government advisor on innovation but found it a bit removed from reality so he put his theories into practice as a Director of the UK Design Council and as founder of the Irish Centre for Design Innovation where he helped people to create new products and services. A Scot by birth, now living in the Northwest of Ireland, Toby is attracted to cold, wet, green places mainly because it gives him a really pleasant surprise when the sun shines. The environment has bred a useful self-sufficiency which means that he can fix pretty much anything including some of the gnarliest client problems. - See more at:

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    Knowinnovation Inc.

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