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Maggie Dugan


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    Maggie has been working with Knowinnovation as a facilitator and trainer since 2007. She has facilitated dozens of Sandpits, Ideas Labs and similarly-styled workshops and events designed to accelerate scientific and academic innovation, helping KI’s methodology evolve to meet the changing needs of the academic community.  Prior to joining KI, a good portion of her facilitation work was in the field of marketing and branding for major companies like Coca-Cola and Nestlé. 

    Maggie’s been a facilitating creativity workshops and training events since 1998; prior to that she worked in the broadcasting industry.  She's also the lead on KI's initiative to bring our methodology to the world of development and the SDGs: Inclusive Innovation.

    Maggie serves on the steering committee of the Africa Science Leadership Program, a fellowship program that kicks off with an Ideas Lab around the question of how to change the paradigm of science leadership in Africa. She facilitates similar science leadership programs through initiatives sponsored by the Global Young Academy (GYA).

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    Knowinnovation / Inclusive Innovation

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