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Diana Kardia


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    My passion is academia - specifically, leadership, diversity, and change in academic environments, with an emphasis on STEM disciplines. I study and advise on the role of diversity in education, and the effects of social identity (gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.) and rank and role (especially staff-faculty conflicts) on classrooms, departments, and academic leadership. I design and conduct seminars, retreats, and multi-day trainings on leadership strategies, organizational change, faculty transitions, and best practices in academia. I also provide in-depth coaching and leadership and strategy development to academic administrators as well as to assistant, associate, and full professors more generally. I am the founder of Kardia Group: Leadership and Change in Academia - a network of experts, consultants, and coaches focusing on deep transformation of the culture, functionality, and success of the academic endeavor. Since its formation in 2004, Kardia Group has collaborated with faculty advisors, university administrators and staff, organizational experts, national associations (e.g., ESWN and WEPAN), and institutional transformation programs (e.g., NSF’S ADVANCE) to address the unique and challenging realities of academic institutions and faculty careers, with a particular emphasis on research intensive institutions. We are currently collaborating with WEPAN (and others) on TECAID: Transforming Engineering Culture to Advance Inclusion and Diversity. TECAID is an NSF funded project aimed at training faculty-led change teams in Mechanical Engineering to lead diversity and inclusion change projects in their departments.

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    Kardia Group: Leadership and Change in Academia

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