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Robert Marshak


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    Robert J. (Bob) Marshak, Ph.D. has been an organizational change consultant and professor at 

    American University for more than forty years. He also held senior executive positions with a 

    US government research organization, consulted to a range of STEM organizations, and was a 

    trainer and consultant for diversity programs in public and private sector organizations. He has 

    published three books and more than 80 articles and book chapters on organizational change.


    Dr. Marshak will discuss some of the multi-dimensional mix of ideas that will need to be 

    considered in developing the content and format for a diversity leadership program. Topics 

    include: ideas about leadership; ideas about organizational change; ideas about diversity; and 

    some of what diversity champions may need in order to be successful. A brief example of some 

    of the aspects will also be discussed.

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    American University

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