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Paula Moreno


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    I’m a marine ecologist (PhD in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University) committed to the sustainability of human-natural systems. This is why my work involves stakeholders, including the fishing industry and government resource managers. Through my research I try to understand what are the main natural and human-caused drivers of distribution and abundance of marine populations, both commercial and protected species, to inform conservation and management. My research focuses on questions such as: • How can we improve the management of marine populations so as not to compromise the resilience of marine systems? • How do we account for uncertainty in the natural and management systems to ensure that recovery and restoration goals are achievable? • How do we evaluate the performance of candidate management strategies prior to implementation of costly measures? Multivariate statics, GIS and simulation are my tools of choice to understand coupled human-natural systems. My recent collaborative projects used Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) to examine the performance of alternative monitoring and management systems in order to inform decisions for more sustainable practices. Next I’ll be working with shrimp fishermen operating in Mississippi waters and government agencies to better understand and mitigate incidental catch of dolphins and sea turtles in this important fishery. This NAS Workshop will be a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas!

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    University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory

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