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Scott Hagen


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    Scott C. Hagen is a professor at the Louisiana State University in the department of Civil & Environmental Engineering with a joint appointment in the Center for Computation & Technology. Dr. Hagen holds the Laborde Endowed Chair for Sea Grant Research and Technology Transfer and serves as the director of the LSU Center for Coastal Resiliency. He has authored / co-authored 90 peer-reviewed journal articles with focus on massively parallel, high performance computational modeling of ocean, coastal, and inland astronomical and meteorological tides and flows. His more recent efforts expand into transport and biological modeling with respect to the coastal dynamics of sea level rise. He has been instrumental in acquiring research grants (+85% federal) with total involvement as PI/Co-PI on over $20M U.S. Scott, his colleagues, and their students are conducting scientific research that is applied through engineering to benefit society. Their interdisciplinary research into the hydrodynamic and ecological effects of sea level rise is helping coastal planners and emergency management at the coastal land margin along the Gulf of Mexico and east coast of the U.S. Together they produce transdisciplinary research outcomes. An abbreviated CV can be found at

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