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Maria Lowe


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    Maria Vedder Lowe is the sole proprietor of Pooponomics LLC, a consulting firm with offices in St Pete Beach, FL; Monticello, GA; and Paris, France. The mission of Pooponomics LLC is to consult local municipalities and their stakeholders on the health and welfare importance of long range planning to respond to antiquated municipal water systems. Lowe earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the United States Military Academy, West Point in 1998; after which, she served as an Army Officer as a quartermaster logistician and as a civil affairs stabilization and reconstruction specialist. Her military career expanded her global and cultural awareness from Asia where she worked with water purification unit in South Korea; to the Middle East where she worked with water transportation units in Egypt; to South East Asia where she worked with civil governance teams to upgrade sewage collection efforts and potable water availability in Afghanistan. She earned a Master of Business Administration from George Washington University in between working overseas. After retiring from the military, Lowe was elected as Mayor of the City of St Pete Beach, Florida where she focused on upgrading municipal water systems. Lowe’s time as Mayor inspired her pursuit of a doctorate and the founding of Pooponomics LLC to help other cities and their residents understand, plan and improve their water systems.

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    Pooponomics LLC and University of South Florida, MUMA DBA

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