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Donald Thieme


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    By training, I am a geomorphologist and soil scientist. I study the distributions and properties of sediments and soils to identify the direction and rate of landscape change. In addition to direct field examination, sampling, and laboratory analysis, I use shallow geophysical methods for geological and archaeological research. My work includes studies of the effects of both climate change and human activities on soils. My specific research interest in coastal landscape change began in about 1995 while I was a graduate student at the University of Georgia and consulting with archaeologists throughout the eastern United States. Most recently, I have investigated tropical storm impacts (Hermine, Matthew, and Irma) to Georgia barrier islands. I have over 20 years of experience in both field instruction and classroom teaching about river floods, sea level rise, and coastal hazards from the 20th century through the near and distant future. These are topics which I have taught to community college classes as well as to both core curriculum and upper level environmental geoscience courses at three different comprehensive universities in Georgia. Through this CoPE Scoping Workshop, I hope to learn more about similar research and teaching by other natural scientists working in the eastern United States. I also hope to learn more about strategies of adaptation for coastal and coastal plain communities. I believe that these areas of recent research as well as a long participation in research communities for Quaternary research, coastal geomorphology, and geoarchaeology make me an ideal participant in the Atlanta CoPe workshop.

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