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Dean Kyne


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    Dean Kyne serves as Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He is a core faculty member of the Disaster Studies M.A. program. Dr. Kyne has served in the roles of Director of Research and Evaluation, Maricopa County Government, Arizona; Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany; and Post Doctoral Fellow at Asian Institute of Technology. Previously, he taught more than seven years at the accredited universities in Thailand, where instruction is delivered only in English. Dr. Kyne received a PhD in Environmental Social Science from Arizona State University in 2014 and a Master’s degree in International Development with a specialization in Environmental Resources Management and Policy from Cornell University in 2009. Dr. Kyne also holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration in Public Policy from the Pennsylvania State University which he obtained in 2008 in addition to a PhD in Development Administration from National Institute of Development Administration in Thailand in 2003. He also has a Master’s degree in Business Management from the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. Finally, he received a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information System (GIS) from Arizona State University in 2010. Utilizing research tools such as GIS and advanced spatial statistical analyses, Dr. Kyne has been conducting his research studies in environmental disasters, environmental justice, urban and non-urban risks and public health, and social capital and disasters. He has published a book, a first of its kind book entitled Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies in the U.S. by Springer Publishing in March 2017. In addition, his second book, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Disaster and Emergency Management: An Introduction is under new contract with Springer Publishing and expected to publish in December 2018. He currently serves as an Editor-in-Chief for International Journal of Disaster Response and Emergency Management (IJDREM). On April 20, 2017, UTRGV presented the Excellent Community Partnership Award to Dr. Kyne and his community partner, the City of Edinburg Solid Waste Management, for their work creating a service-learning project for students to learn about issues the management officials faced and to provide researched sustainable solutions. On May 4, 2017, during the University Faculty Excellence Awards and Recognition Event, UTRGV also honored Dr. Kyne for his achievement of publishing the book. Areas of Expertise (1) Environmental Disasters Hurricane Evacuation Evacuation Decision Making Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Disaster Resiliency and Sustainability Integrated Disaster Management Approach Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Management (2) Environmental Justice Disaster Risks and Environmental Justice Exposure to Toxic Release Inventories (TRI) Nuclear Radiation and Environmental Justice (3) Urban and Non-Urban Risks and Public Health (4) Disaster Resiliency and Social Capital

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    Unviersity of Texas Rio Grande Valley

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    (956) 665-2572

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