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Heidi Roop


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    Heidi Roop is Lead Scientist for Science Communication at the University Washington’s Climate Impact Group. Heidi works to strengthen the connection between climate science and decision making across a range of sectors and government agencies at local, state and federal levels. She designs trainings and communications resources that work to increase climate resilience across the United States and abroad. Heidi works as part of the Washington Coastal Resilience Project to increase the capacity of Washington state’s coastal communities to prepare for a range of coastal hazards including sea-level rise, shoreline erosion and storm surge. As a central member of this NOAA Regional Coastal Resilience Grant-funded project, she works directly with jurisdictional staff, commissioners and community members to develop and test a range of trainings, users guides and engagement/outreach initiatives around coastal hazards, sea-level rise, climate change and climate preparedness.

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