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Steve Boss


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    I am Professor of Environmental Dynamics and Sustainability in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arkansas. My current primary research interests are in the broad area of natural resource dynamics (abundance, availability, access to, and allocation of natural resources). I am working on projects documenting the energy yield of global agriculture and fisheries and aquaculture. I am also developing a metric to document per capita endowment of natural resources and an index of natural resource inequality. I have been active in national efforts to broaden participation in geosciences and create a more inclusive discipline in the 21st Century. In the context of CoPe, I am interested in the physical and social process of island abandonment associated with sea-level rise that commenced in this century and which will accelerate during the next few decades. I am also interested in the impact of sea-level rise on marginalized populations and in processes that I consider "far-field" effects of sea-level rise (e.g. impacts of sea-level rise on river systems far from coastal zones and the dual impacts of sea-level refugees on receiving communities/impacts of receiving communities on sea-level refugees).

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