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Melanie R Fewings


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    As a physical oceanographer and meteorologist, I study the coastal ocean and atmosphere and how they interact. Interactions between the ocean and atmosphere change our weather on land and also affect marine food webs. I use long time series of data from satellites, underwater moorings, and weather buoys to study the ocean and atmosphere from the coast to 1000s of kilometers offshore. I analyze the satellite images and mooring time series to find out how processes like coastal upwelling and other continental shelf flows influence coastal water temperatures and ecosystems. My overall goal is to understand water temperature and circulation near the coast, and how these ocean conditions interact with conditions 1) on land, for example by affecting clouds and winds; and 2) in marine ecosystems, for example by changing nutrient supplies to the sunlit surface waters. By understanding the dynamics of the coastal ocean and atmosphere, we can better understand how physical conditions in the coastal ocean influence the health and productivity of marine ecosystems including fisheries, and ultimately human communities. Some of my group's past projects have focused on water circulation near kelp forests, marine protected areas, and coral reefs, and on wind and carbon transport over salt marshes. Currently, I am particularly interested in marine heat waves, water temperature in estuaries, and physical-biological interactions in eastern boundary upwelling systems. I recently moved to a different university and am looking for new collaborations, including ways my physical oceanographic research can be connected to human impacts.

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