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Nadine Heck


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    Nadine Heck as a Project Scientist in Ocean Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Before moving to California, she was a postdoc in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University. She is a geographer with a specialization in marine conservation and natural resource management. Her research is highly interdisciplinary, and she draws on theories and models in governance, ecology, common pool resource management, and social-ecological systems to study human-environment interactions in the context of protected areas and natural resource management, with an emphasis on coastal and marine systems. her work focuses on conservation and natural resource management issues at multiple spatial scales ranging from local to global using a mix of geospatial and social science methods, including statistical and multi-criteria analysis. She frequently collaborate with colleagues in ecology, biology, ocean sciences, coastal engineering, and natural resource management to explore interdisciplinary research topics, and she works closely with local communities and government agencies to bring theoretical perspectives to existing management challenges. ‚Äč

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