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Susan Kidwell


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    I’m a sedimentary geologist/stratigrapher by training, but have been working for the last 10 years on developing novel applications of benthic sediment samples to societal issues on coasts – using geologic age-dating and ecological assessment of dead-shell remains to evaluate the footprint of human activities (nutrient loading, dredge-spoil dumping) and to develop reliable historic baselines (i.e., information from before the 1980s digital records, before the 1972 CWA onset of biomonitoring, before early 20th C urbanization, and before early/mid 19th C European colonization and extractive industrialization (grazing, hunting, forestry)). The Southern California Bight has been my primary study system, but I have other projects in the Red Sea, British Columbia, and Alaska to evaluate the power of skeletal remains under varied climatic/ocean conditions.

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