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Nina Lam


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    Nina Lam is Professor and E.L. Abraham Distinguished Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Louisiana State University. She was Chair of the Department (2007-2010), Program Director of the Geography and Spatial Sciences Program at National Science Foundation (1999-2001), and President of the University Consortium on Geographic Information Science (UCGIS, 2004). Lam’s research interests are in GIS, remote sensing, spatial analysis, environmental health, and disaster resilience. Lam has published two edited books and over 100 refereed articles, and served as PI or co-PI of over 50 external grants. She mentored 6 post-docs, 19 PhDs, and 30 MS students. She has served on numerous national and international advisory panels for agencies including NAS, NRC, NSF, NIH, NIEH, EPA, and NASA. Professor Lam received a number of national and LSU awards including an AAG Outstanding Contributions in Remote Sensing Award (2004), UCGIS Inaugural Carolyn Merry Mentoring Award (2016), UCGIS Fellow Award (2016), LSU Distinguished Faculty Award, (2006), LSU Rainmaker (2009), LSU Distinguished Research Master (2010), and College of the Coast and Environment Outstanding Faculty Research Award (2012).

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