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Hilary McMillan


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    I hope to contribute my knowledge in the areas of hydrology, water-related hazards, coupled models and socio-hydrology. Simulating the whole system from atmosphere to oceans will be essential to understanding CoPe challenges. I have expertise in coupling meteorological, hydrological and inundation models to understand coastal plain flooding, as well as in using statistical models to understand multiple co-occurring coastal inundation hazards. From 2015 – 17 I led the international project “Hydrology, Society and Change” on behalf of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences, bringing together 400+ scientists from around the globe to improve our understanding of interactions of society with our changing hydrologic environment. Further, as a faculty member at an HSI in a coastal city, affected by floods, erosion, water quality and cross-border coastal issues, I bring a local perspective to this research area.

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