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Erin Seekamp


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    Dr. Seekamp is an associate professor at NC State University. She received a Ph.D. from the Department of Conservation Social Sciences in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho, a M.S. from the Department of Forestry and Forest Products at Virginia Tech, and a B.S. in Cultural Anthropology from James Madison University. Dr. Seekamp is a social scientist within the human dimensions of conservation and sustainable tourism fields seeking to enhance the vibrancy and resiliency of socio-ecological systems, particularly in vulnerable coastal zones. Her research seeks to answer the overarching question: how can adaptive capacity be enhanced at multiple levels—individual, relational, programmatic, and institutional—to foster vibrant and resilient socio-ecological communities? She develops and tests theoretical and analytical models about: (a) recreation and tourism behaviors and demand from climate change impacts to nature-based destinations (internal motivations, informational influences, and external benefits); (b) partnerships for resource management and nature-based tourism development (organizational support, external influences, and success indicators); (c) community capacity (climate change resiliency, watershed governance); and (d) agency planning and decision-making (stakeholder engagement, climate adaptation frameworks). The CoPE effort aligns with Dr. Seekamp's expertise and would not only enable her to participate in critical conversations that explicitly integrate human dimensions into research pathways to enhance coastal resilience and sustainability but also expand her knowledge of other disciplinary issues related to environmental variability and natural hazards vulnerability. Dr. Seekamp can contribute expertise related to enhancing community capacity and climate readiness through explicit inclusion of vulnerable populations, improving the programmatic capacity of coastal destinations with economies and cultural identities threatened by climate change, and strengthening the institutional capacity of agencies to prioritize preservation decisions in the face of climate change impacts and fiscal constraints.

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