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Wie Yusuf


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    I am an Associate Professor in ODU's School of Public Service where I teach in the Master of Public Administration program and the PhD program in Public Administration and Policy. My research focuses on policy issues at the intersection of governments, non-profit/ nongovernmental organizations, businesses, and civil society. These not only include issues that are inter-governmental and multi-sectoral, but also issues that address the interactions between citizens and governments. My research can be organized into three broad areas: urban and coastal resilience; transportation policy and finance; and fiscal transparency, accountability and citizen participation. The majority of my research is engaged research, embedded in the community context or addressing issues affecting the community. The Hampton Roads region, where ODU is located, offers a natural laboratory for the policy issues I study, and my research has direct impact and implications for the region and beyond. For example, my research on stakeholder engagement in sea level rise resilience planning is directly embedded within the vulnerable Hampton Roads communities and directly benefits Hampton Roads residents and their resilience efforts. My research is also interdisciplinary. I created and now lead an interdisciplinary research team that studies resilience issues from a whole-of-community perspective. The team includes faculty and researchers from areas such as engineering technology, finance, modeling and simulation, geography, communication, oceanography, public health, and parks, recreation and tourism. I also lead the ODU Resilience Collaborative, a university-wide, multidisciplinary consortium of ODU scholars actively engaged in research, education, and outreach on critical issues for resilience at the community, regional, national, and global levels. I study policy issues largely through a behavioral lens, applying a behavioral public policy and behavioral public finance perspective. In studying how drivers respond to nuisance flooding on roads, for example, my research team focuses on first understanding drivers’ perceptions of the risk, and then, their behavioral responses to encountering flooded roads under different scenarios. My follow-on work has focused on the information logistics of how residents receive information about flooding, and in turn, how they would interact with and use flood alert systems.

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