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Melissa Kenney


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    Dr. Melissa A. Kenney is an Associate Research Professor in Environmental Decision Analysis and Indicators at the University of Maryland. Her research broadly addresses how to integrate both scientific knowledge and societal values into policy decision-making under uncertainty. Her research expertise includes conceptual modeling and decision structuring, indicators, systems analysis, multi-attribute methods, and evaluation of decision support to address environmental policy decisions. These methods have been applied to a range of topics including participatory global change indicators, setting environmental policy criteria, economic analyses for restoration alternatives assessment, expert elicitation, and value of information of indicators. Dr. Kenney was an AAAS Leshner Leadership Institute Public Engagement Fellow, focusing on stakeholder engaged research to create climate-resilient solutions in the U.S. and Chesapeake Bay region. She earned a Ph.D. from Duke University, focusing on water quality modeling and decision analysis.

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