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Dmitri Davydov


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    My research is directed towards better understanding of the mechanisms of function and regulation of cytochromes P450. My approaches include a variety of biophysical techniques such as advanced methods of UV-Vis abosorbance, fluorescence and EPR spectroscopy in combination with pressure-perturbation approach, the techniques of rapid kinetics, chemical modification of proteins, site-directed mutagenesis, as well as the methods of proteomics and mass-spectroscopy. Another area of my scientific interests is high pressure bioscience. Over 25 years ago I got involved in the studies of P450 interactions and conformational dynamics with pressure-perturbation approach. Since then the use of high hydrostatic pressures as a tool to study protein conformational equilibria, protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions remained one of the most important ingredients of my research strategy. My involvement in high-pressure enzymology led me to realize a high potential of the studies of pressure-tolerant enzymes from piezophilic (deep sea) organisms and elaborate a concept of using the studies of structural adaptation in pressure-tolerant enzymes for exploration of enzymatic mechanisms and construction of pressure-tolerant enzymes for biotechnology.

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    Dept. of Chemistry, Washington State University, Pullman, WA

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