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Tags: Agriculture

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  1. Jordan Seger

    Grew up in family livestock business, career focused on natural resources management with working experience in the private and public sectors including positions at the local, state, and federal...

  2. John Sabo

    Dr. John Sabo's research employs large-scale field experiments, stable isotopic tracers, and lab physiology to understand links between the water cycle and animal performance, abundance, and...

  3. Daren Redfearn

    Dr. Daren Redfearn has a 60% extension and 40% research appointment in the area of integrated forage-crop-livestock systems. Prior to his appointment at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he was...

  4. Santosh Pitla

  5. Taro Mieno

  6. Jean-Jack Riethoven

  7. Archie Clutter

  8. Kenneth Cassman

    Kenneth Cassman is the Robert B. Daugherty Professor of Agronomy at the University of Nebraska, and also serves as Chair of the Independent Science and Partnership Council of the Consultative Group...

  9. Philip Ye

  10. Balu Nayak

  11. Olive Li

  12. Ravirajsinh Jadeja

  13. Ali Demirci

  14. Franz Ehrenhauser

  15. Zhengrong Gu

  16. Dennis Heldman

  17. Jeyam Subbiah

  18. Loren Isom

  19. Gerald Shively

  20. Michael Wetzstein

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