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Tags: applied mathematics

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  1. Aaron Meyer

  2. Abel Rodriguez

    I am Professor of Statistics and Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs at the Baskin School of Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I am also the Associate Director of the Center...

  3. Ananya Sen Gupta

  4. Audrey Hendricks

    I am an Assistant Professor in the Math/Stat Department at the University of Colorado Denver with additional appointments in the Biostatistics and Human Medical Genetics and Genomics. My training...

  5. Benedict Anchang

  6. Charles Epstein

    I am a mathematician who has worked on a range of problems in pure, and applied mathematics. I have also worked on image analysis, computational electro-magnetics, and both analytic and numerical...

  7. Daniela Valdez-Jasso

  8. David Madigan

  9. David Scott Matteson

  10. Eran Mukamel

    Asst. Prof. of Cognitive Science, interested in computational neuroscience and epigenomics

  11. Eric Mjolsness

  12. Erica Graham

  13. Haiyan Cheng

  14. Idoia Ochoa

  15. Jenni L Evans

  16. Jing Tian

  17. Jose Luis Morales

  18. Joseph Skufca

    I spent 20 years in the Naval Submarine Force before moving to Academia for my second career. I love interdisciplinary collaborations.

  19. Michael Blinov

    My name is Michael Blinov, I'm an Assistant Professor in the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. I'm a mathematician by training and I'm...

  20. Michael Chertkov

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