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Tags: Biochemistry

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  1. Manju Hingorani

  2. Emina Stojkovic

  3. Michael Trakselis

    Associate Professor, Grad Program Director, Baylor, NSF awardee, and DNA jock

  4. Emily Weinert

  5. Colleen Doherty

  6. Judit Marsillach Lopez

  7. Bernard Friedenson

  8. Robert Buscaglia

  9. Chenghua Shao

  10. Auinash Kalsotra

  11. John Gerlt

  12. Nic Bury

  13. Frank Kelly

    Professor Frank Kelly holds the chair in Environmental Health at King's College London, where he is Director of the Analytical & Environmental Sciences Division. His other positions of...

  14. Katie Petrie

  15. Kosuke Fujishima

  16. Gary Perdew

  17. Greg Ferry

  18. Arcady Mushegian

  19. Betül Kacar

    My name is Betul Kacar (pron. BE-tuel KUH-jarr) and I am interested in understanding life’s working strategies at the molecular level and how the ancestral behavior of...

  20. Burckhard Seelig

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