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Tags: bioinformatics

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  1. Ivan Erill

  2. Heba Sailem

  3. Susanne Pfeifer

    computational and evolutionary genomicist; non-human primate enthusiast

  4. Juan B Gutierrez

  5. Wesley Swingley

  6. Lauren Fuess

    I am an ecological and evolutionary immunologist. My work focuses on the causes and consequences of variation in immune responses among organisms, and the roles of immunity in regulating symbiotic...

  7. Andrew Harrison

  8. Jeremy Jay

  9. Jianjun Hu

  10. Raghu Machiraju

    Although I am a computer scientist by training, I have worked across the aisle. My earlier days in academia were spent in understanding fluid flows and chase down vortices. Then, was drawn to...

  11. Iddo Friedberg

  12. Evan Johnson

  13. Timothy Griffin

  14. Mark Styczynski

  15. Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson

  16. Lei Xie

  17. Anke Becker

  18. Babu Guda

  19. Stephen Taylor

    I am based at Oxford University and am Head of the Analysis, Visualisation and Informatics (AVI) investigating new ways of visualising and interrogating large, complex data sets. As part of our...

  20. Chenghua Shao

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