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Tags: Biology

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  1. Jimmy Liao

  2. Shuchismita Dutta

    Scientific Educational Development Lead, RCSB Protein Data Bank

  3. Luis Villa-Diaz

    My research focus in understanding the mechanisms that regulate self-renewal of stem cells through interactions with the stem cell niche. We use human pluripotent stem cells as experimental model...

  4. Phil Daschner

    I currently manage a portfolio of basic research grants on mechanisms of cancer etiology and biologic carcinogens for the Cancer Immunology, Hematology, and Etiology Branch at NCI. I received his...

  5. David M Sansom

  6. Fernando Galvez

  7. Jennifer Alicia McHenry

  8. Ken Heck

  9. Renee Collini

  10. Kaitlin Frasier

  11. Susan Bell

  12. Paul A Montagna

  13. Lydia Olander

  14. Melissa Rohal

  15. Wei Wu

  16. Leandro Nascimento Lemos

  17. Patrick Biber

  18. Roy Wollman

    I am an Assoc. Prof in Integrative Biology and Physiology in UCLA. I am interested in the origin and consequences of cellular heterogeneity. The lab uses a combination of experimental (mammalian...

  19. Yuchao Jiang

  20. Tara Sigdel

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