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Tags: Biophysics

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  1. Theresa Good

    Atlanta, NSF

  2. Mark Foster

  3. Steven Moss

  4. Jay Preston Kitt

    I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Utah appointed to the departments of Biomedical Informatics and Chemistry. My research interests currently involve informatics research in air...

  5. Lei Xie

  6. Moumita Das

  7. Taekjip Ha

  8. Mary Williard Elting

  9. Susan Daniel

  10. Chenghua Shao

  11. Simon Ameer-Beg

  12. Roy Wollman

    I am an Assoc. Prof in Integrative Biology and Physiology in UCLA. I am interested in the origin and consequences of cellular heterogeneity. The lab uses a combination of experimental (mammalian...

  13. Yang Chen

  14. Roy Dar

  15. Sahand Hormoz

    My lab lab aims to understand the dynamics of cellular state transitions and fate decisions during development and in cancer. We use synthetic biology, single-molecule imaging and single-cell...

  16. Minjoung Kyoung

  17. Michael Blinov

    My name is Michael Blinov, I'm an Assistant Professor in the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. I'm a mathematician by training and I'm...

  18. Michael Konopka

  19. Michael Mak

  20. Eran Mukamel

    Asst. Prof. of Cognitive Science, interested in computational neuroscience and epigenomics

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