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Tags: Chemistry

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  1. Patrick Wareing

  2. Jay Preston Kitt

    I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Utah appointed to the departments of Biomedical Informatics and Chemistry. My research interests currently involve informatics research in air...

  3. Steven A Lopez

  4. Alina Roman-Hubers

  5. Clyde A Daly

  6. Jessica Elinburg

  7. Wilfred van der Donk

  8. Doug Mitchell

  9. Jonathan Sweedler

  10. Jeff Moore

  11. Yi Lu

  12. Paul Hergenrother

  13. Pieter Dorrestein

  14. Andy Ellington

  15. Marcelo Guzman

  16. Melissa Trainer

  17. Paul Mahaffy

  18. Christine Keating

  19. Christopher Butch

  20. Irving Epstein

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