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Tags: Computer Science

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  1. Theodore Pavlic

  2. Eric Atwell

  3. Michael Cohen

    Founder/CEO of Cignition -focused on 3rd - 8th grade mathematics learning, with an emphasis on conceptual understanding. Through collaborations, focus on neuroscience and learning science in...

  4. Jiawei Han

    data mining, database systems, text mining, information network analysis

  5. Michael Chertkov

  6. Jose Luis Morales

  7. Max Qian

    My background and training: computer science, immunology, and clinical informatics

  8. Yuchao Jiang

  9. Yang Chen

  10. Young Chang

    Hello, I am Young Hwan Chang, currently an assistant professor of biomedical engineering and computational biology program at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). I am interested in...

  11. Mónica Nadal-Quirós

    Hi, I'm Mónica, assistant professor and student research program coordinator at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Bayamón Campus. I have a bachelor's in chemical engineering, a master's...

  12. Kwangbom "KB" Choi

  13. Haiyan Cheng

  14. Idoia Ochoa

  15. Bin Chen

  16. Daniela Valdez-Jasso

  17. Audrey Hendricks

    I am an Assistant Professor in the Math/Stat Department at the University of Colorado Denver with additional appointments in the Biostatistics and Human Medical Genetics and Genomics. My training...

  18. Benedict Anchang

  19. Joseph Kider

  20. Olga Scrivner

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