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Tags: Computer sciences

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  1. Michael JORDAN

  2. John Duchi

  3. Robert Lupton

  4. Donald Geman

  5. Ming Yuan

  6. Tammy Kolda

  7. Muhammad Farooq

    Muhammad Farooq received Master and PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, in 2013 and 2016, respectively. He received bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from...

  8. Juan Pablo Hourcade

  9. Saurabh Sinha

  10. Liudmila Sergeevna Mainzer

  11. ChengXiang Zhai

  12. Luca Vigano

    Dr. Luca Vigano is a Professor at the Department of Informatics of King's College London. He is a member of the SMAL (Software Modelling and Applied Logic) group, which studies modelling and...

  13. Erin Chiou

    Dr Erin Chiou is an assistant professor of human systems engineering at the Polytechnic School. She directs the Automation Design Advancing People and Technology (ADAPT) lab, which focuses on how...

  14. Nadya Bliss

    Dr. Nadya T. Bliss is the Director of the Global Security Initiative (GSI) at Arizona State University. GSI serves as the university-wide hub focusing on addressing emerging global challenges, with...

  15. Jaime Winterton

    Jamie Winterton is the Director of Strategy for ASU’s Global Security Initiative, where she creates novel solutions for multifaceted and disparate problem spaces. Jamie coordinates and participates...

  16. WenWen Li

    Dr. WenWen Li's research aims to develop integrated, sustainable and smart cyber-infrastructure to revolutionize knowledge discovery in data and computational intensive geographical sciences. She...

  17. Tim Stevens

    Dr. Tim Stevens' research interests lie in information technology and global politics; the politics of cybersecurity; and time and temporality in International Relations. He is the author of Cyber...

  18. Stephanie Forrest

    Dr. Stephanie Forrest is a Professor in CIDSE and Center Director for Biocomputing, Security and Society at the Biodesign Institute. She is a computer scientist who studies the biology of...

  19. Nancy Cooke

    Dr. Nancy J. Cooke is a professor of Cognitive Science and Engineering in the Polytechnic School, one of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University and is Science Director...

  20. Michael Luck

    Dr. Michael Luck is Professor of Computer Science and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences at King's College London. He was Head of the Department of Informatics from...

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