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Tags: Computer Vision

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  1. Heba Sailem

  2. Pandu Raharja-Liu

  3. Moi Hoon Yap

    I am a Reader in Computer Vision at Manchester Metropolitan University and a holder of the Royal Society Industry Fellow with Image Metrics Ltd. Leading the Human-Centred Computing Group, I have...

  4. Lyndon Smith

    Professor in Computer Simulation and Machine Vision, in the Centre for Machine Vision, UWE. Expertise based on research in the field of Computer Simulation and Machine Vision, with particular...

  5. Matina Giannarou

    Stamatia (Matina) Giannarou received the MEng degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace, Greece in 2003, the MSc degree in communications and signal...

  6. Alexandra Larsen

  7. Daniel Aliaga

  8. Thomas C. Henderson

    Thomas C. Henderson received his BS in Math with Honors from LouisianaState University in 1973 and his PhD in Computer Science from theUniversity of Texas at Austin in 1979. He is currently a...

  9. Arun Ross

    Researcher in biometrics, computer vision, and machine learning. Interested in collaboration with researchers from genomics, cognitive psychology, forensics, and physics. Currently, investigating...

  10. Xujiong Ye

    My main research focuses on exploring advanced medical image analysis, computer vision and AI technologies to assist clinical applications in early cancer diagnosis, treatment, and personalized...

  11. Reyer Zwiggelaar

    I have experience in collaborative research with clinical experts, with a strong emphasis on the development of computer aided diagnosis tools for breast and prostate cancer. I have also...

  12. Chiwoo Park

  13. Anuj Srivastava

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