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Tags: data mining

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  1. Anuj Karpatne

  2. Neil T Heffernan

    I run the ASSISTments Platform that is used by 50,000 students to do their homework.

  3. Stephen Shangxing Gao

    I am a computational geophysicist specialized in investigating the spatial-temporal variation of earthquake occurrence. My another research area is structural seismology which deals with imaging...

  4. Dongwon Lee

  5. Wei Pang

    I have 10+ years of experience in machine learning and data mining. I am interested in applying novel machine learning approaches to problems of various fields, including health, biology, and...

  6. Vasant Honavar

    Dr. Vasant Honavar received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science in 1990 from the University of Wisconsin Madison, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. In September 2013, Honavar...

  7. Rachael Hageman Blair

    I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics (advisor, Daniela Calvetti) in 2007 from Case Western Reserve, and completed postdoctoral training at the Jackson Laboratory in statistical geneticist (mentor,...

  8. Zhi-Li

    Zhi-Li Zhang received the B.S. degree in computer science from Nanjing University, China in 1986, and his M.S.and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from the University of Massachusetts in 1992 and...

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