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Tags: data visualization

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  1. Audrey Hendricks

    I am an Assistant Professor in the Math/Stat Department at the University of Colorado Denver with additional appointments in the Biostatistics and Human Medical Genetics and Genomics. My training...

  2. Benedict Anchang

  3. Daniela Valdez-Jasso

  4. Ekaterina Smirnova

  5. Idoia Ochoa

  6. Javier Lopez

  7. Jennifer Couch

  8. Jing Ma

    Statistician interested in machine learning applied to biology.

  9. Katerina Bourazeri

  10. Katherine Thompson

  11. Lisa Bramer

  12. Max Qian

    My background and training: computer science, immunology, and clinical informatics

  13. Michael Blinov

    My name is Michael Blinov, I'm an Assistant Professor in the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. I'm a mathematician by training and I'm...

  14. Michael Mak

  15. Rhonda Bacher

  16. Roy Dar

  17. Roy Wollman

    I am an Assoc. Prof in Integrative Biology and Physiology in UCLA. I am interested in the origin and consequences of cellular heterogeneity. The lab uses a combination of experimental (mammalian...

  18. Sahand Hormoz

    My lab lab aims to understand the dynamics of cellular state transitions and fate decisions during development and in cancer. We use synthetic biology, single-molecule imaging and single-cell...

  19. Sinem Beyhan

  20. Stephanie Hicks

    I'm an Assistant Professor in Biostatistics. I develop statistical methods, tools and open software for the analysis of single-cell genomics data.

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