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Tags: ecology

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  1. Brian Inouye

  2. Theodore Pavlic

  3. Thomas Wassmer

    I am a German national living in the US for the last 13 years and recently became a dual citizen of the US. Since 2016, I am Associate Professor of Biology at Siena Heights University in Adrian,...

  4. Alan Knapp

  5. Tom Langen

    I am the global authority on the white-throated magpie-jay.

  6. Berry Brosi

  7. Keith Clay

    PhD at Duke in Botany in 1982, Assist. Prof. in Botany at LSU 1983-86, Indiana U. Biology 1986-2018 and currently Prof. and Chair of EEB at Tulane University. Research interests in symbiosis,...

  8. Valery Forbes

    Valery E. Forbes is Dean of the College of Biological Sciences at University of Minnesota (since July 31, 2015). From 2011-2015 she was Director of the School of Biological Sciences at the...

  9. Matthew Ajemian

    I am a fish ecologist with broad interests in fundamental and applied (e.g., fisheries related) aspects of trophic ecology, species interactions, behavior, movement and habitat use. Past and...

  10. George Maynard

    George is the Policy and Research Coordinator for the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance and an adjunct faculty member at Massachusetts Maritime Academy where he teaches Biology of Fishes....

  11. Corinna Gries

  12. Robert D Stevenson

  13. Hank Bart

    I am an ichthyologist (fish biologist) and a biodiversity information specialist. My research involves ecology and systematics (taxonomy and relationships) of fishes. I curate a very large research...

  14. Brian Stucky

  15. Ken Heck

  16. Susan Bell

  17. Lydia Olander

  18. Wei Wu

  19. Marie Bundy

    National Research Coordinator for the National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERRS), Ecologist, and Program Manager. Also running behind the newly released RFP for the 2019 NERRS Collaborative...

  20. Andrew Pershing

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