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Tags: evolution

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  1. Butch Brodie

  2. Susanne Pfeifer

    computational and evolutionary genomicist; non-human primate enthusiast

  3. Theodore Pavlic

  4. Nicholas Strausfeld

  5. Juan Andrés López

  6. Michele Johnson

  7. Thomas Sanger

  8. Charles Francis Delwiche

  9. Hank Bart

    I am an ichthyologist (fish biologist) and a biodiversity information specialist. My research involves ecology and systematics (taxonomy and relationships) of fishes. I curate a very large research...

  10. Shade Shutters

    Dr. Shade Shutters uses a complex adaptive systems framework to address wicked problems - problems that typically stem from the conflict between individual desires and social goals, exhibit...

  11. Michael Chadwick

    Michael Chadwick is an aquatic biologist interested in exploring both applied and basic ecological questions. His work focuses on understanding how ecosystem structure and function, specifically...

  12. Ben Kerr

  13. Burckhard Seelig

  14. Chris Kempes

  15. David Baum

  16. Douglas LaRowe

  17. Irene Chen

  18. Tammy Campbell

  19. Chris House

  20. David R Angelini

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