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Tags: Food Sciences

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  1. Ozan Ciftci

    Developing green integrated supercritical fluid biorefineries for the processing of grains and oilseeds

  2. Akinbode Adedeji

  3. Harsha Thippareddi

    Integration of Heat and Mass Transfer and Microbial Growth Models for Assessing Microbiological Safety of Air-Chilled Poultry Carcasses

  4. Amy Struthers

  5. Bin Yu

  6. Connie Reimers-Hild

  7. Nicholas Brozovic

  8. Tom Farrell

  9. Hiep Vu

  10. Daniel Snow

  11. Sue Ann Gardner

  12. Delwyn Harnisch

  13. Patricia Sollars

  14. Suping Lu

  15. Eric Hunt

  16. Jane Okalebo

  17. Rebecca Bevans

  18. Andrew Suyker

  19. Kevin Pope

  20. Christopher Chizinski

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