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Tags: genomics

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  1. Nick Nystrom

  2. Michael Herman

    I co-founded and co-directed the Kansas State University Ecological Genomics Institute from 2003-2017. In 2018 I became the Director of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of...

  3. Christopher Kvaal

    I grew up on a farm.

  4. Michael Phelps

    My research investigates the molecular physiology of aquatic organisms using both genomic and genetic engineering approaches to understand gene function at the cellular, tissue and organismal...

  5. Ravi Kiran Donthu

  6. Jeremy Jay

  7. Iddo Friedberg

  8. Bruno Gomez-Gil

  9. Farren Isaacs

  10. Bernard Friedenson

  11. Stephen Taylor

    I am based at Oxford University and am Head of the Analysis, Visualisation and Informatics (AVI) investigating new ways of visualising and interrogating large, complex data sets. As part of our...

  12. Sudha Sudesh Sundar

    Sudha Sundar is a gynaecological cancer surgeon and Professor of Gynaecological Cancer at the University of Birmingham. She trained in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Oxford and in Gynaecological...

  13. Susmita Datta

    I am a professor and a preeminent hire at the University of Florida. I work on developing methods to analyze genomics, proteomics and metabolomics data. I have developed interdisciplinary...

  14. Jean Lillian Paul

    I am a social scientist and (socio)linguist in child health research, with a strong understanding of human genetics and genomics. I utilise qualitative approaches to explore how people (both...

  15. Donald Bryant

  16. Matthew W Vaughn

    Dr. Vaughn is a biologist and technologist with over 15 years experience creating cloud platforms that serve thousands of researchers worldwide. Current projects include CyVerse, the Jetstream...

  17. Gail Rosen

  18. Nils Gehlenborg

  19. Ping-I Lin

  20. Sharmodeep Bhattacharyya

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