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Tags: geosciences

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  1. Abani K Patra

  2. Diane Foster

  3. Yuanzhi Tang

  4. Mauricio Arias

  5. Radley Horton

  6. Zhe Zhang

  7. Erin Wirth

  8. John Wilkin

  9. Olga Wilhelmi

  10. Helen White

  11. Julia Wellner

  12. J. Evan Ward

  13. Tiffany Troxler

  14. Marco Tedesco

  15. Michael Steckler

  16. Kari St.Laurent

    Research Coordinator for the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve

  17. Peter Ruggiero

    Peter Ruggiero is a Professor in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University. Ruggiero’s primary research interests include coastal geomorphology and coastal...

  18. Bernice Rosenzweig

  19. Laura Reynolds

    I am a coastal geologist—currently a Postdoc with the Institute of Earth, Oceans, and Atmospheric Sciences at Rutgers University, New Jersey. I study how coastlines, especially estuaries, respond...

  20. Leslie Reeder-Myers

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