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Tags: GIS

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  1. Joshua Sadvari

  2. Pierce Greenberg

  3. Kai Zhang

    Kai Zhang, MS, MA, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, Human Genetics, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of...

  4. Elizaveta Barrett Ristroph

  5. Kai Zhang

    My research explores emerging topics in urban environmental pollution at the interface among climate change, extreme weather events, air pollution, urban exposome and health. My perspective is to...

  6. Angelica Moncada

    Graduate student in Geosciences - Hydrological modeling - Fate and transport of nutrients

  7. Tony Grubesic

    GrubesicĀ is a Professor in the College of Public Service & Community Solutions and and Director of theĀ Center for Spatial Reasoning & Policy Analytics at Arizona State University. Grubesic is also...

  8. Ayaz Hyder

    I am a computational epidemiologist who uses math, computers, data science and systems thinking to make sense of all the data around us in order to improve public health and health care outcomes....

  9. Corey Garza

  10. Zhenghong Tang

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