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Tags: hydrology

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  1. Dawn Lemke

    I strive to conduct applied research with a focus on broadening the available knowledge-base for an increased understanding of ecosystems and the impact we as humans have on them. I believe our...

  2. Geoffrey Poole

    I am a hydro-ecologist who integrates spatial ecology and ecosystem-scale biogeochemistry using simulation modeling. I am interested in building capacity to work across spatial and temporal scales...

  3. Anuj Karpatne

  4. Wei Wu

  5. Cynthia Sellinger

    As a hydrologist in the College of Agricultural Sciences, I am involved with multi-disciplinary research teams investigating the impacts of environmental changes on living resources. For the last...

  6. Gabriele Villarini

    Gabriele Villarini is an associate professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Iowa, and the Director of IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering. He received his...

  7. Alan Shiller

  8. Angelica Moncada

    Graduate student in Geosciences - Hydrological modeling - Fate and transport of nutrients

  9. Kurt McCoy

  10. Sarah Praskievicz

    I am a hydrologist and fluvial geomorphologist interested in interactions between climate and earth-surface processes in river systems across multiple spatial scales. Specific research interests...

  11. Jane Okalebo

  12. Qi Hu

  13. Troy Gilmore

  14. Jesse Korus

  15. Weiguo Jiang

  16. Ronald Yoder

  17. Bradley Shadwick

  18. Yu Jin

  19. Jing Zeng

  20. David Admiraal

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