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Tags: innovation

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  1. Peter Dunstan

  2. Karen Lord

  3. Salomé Azevedo

  4. Katherine E. Hartmann

    I'm an epidemiologist and outcomes researcher. In clinical life I am an OB/GYN generalist. My own research focus is getting answers that matter to women and their care providers. It extends from...

  5. Chuck Edwards

  6. Tom Bond

    Programme Manager

  7. David Lomas

    David was once described as a geek with social skills, which probably explains how he went from getting three degrees in Computer Science to working in learning and creativity. He’s worked in...

  8. Maggie Dugan

    Maggie has been working with Knowinnovation as a facilitator and trainer since 2007. She has facilitated dozens of Sandpits, Ideas Labs and similarly-styled workshops and events designed to...

  9. Costa Michailidis

    In 2009 Costa escaped from university and has yet to be apprehended.Constantly expanding his horizons, he has been a coach, a storyteller, an athlete, a web developer, a facilitator, and a...

  10. Stavros Michailidis

    A long entrepreneurial journey and a diverse educational foundation give Stavros his creative point of view. From his Bachelor of Professional Studies in Construction Management, to his Master of...

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