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Tags: leadership

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  1. Josette Gevers

  2. Ryan Bradley

    Fifth-generation commercial fisherman currently serving as the Executive Director of the Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United, a community-based non-profit commercial fishing organization based...

  3. Jeff Johnson

    I am passionate about working with both the homeless and the addicted populations to help break destructive cycles. I am willing to look at these issues from all angles to come up with solutions...

  4. Laura Palombi

    My interest and expertise is in community-engaged translational research focused on the prevention and intervention of opioid misuse. I work with rural counties and Tribal Nations in northeastern...

  5. Mesut Akdere

  6. Amanda Adams

  7. Diana Kardia

    My passion is academia - specifically, leadership, diversity, and change in academic environments, with an emphasis on STEM disciplines. I study and advise on the role of diversity in education,...

  8. Elizabeth Rom

  9. Kelly Mack

  10. Lina Patino

  11. Denise R Simmons

    Denise R. Simmons, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Myers-Lawson School of Construction and in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, and an affiliate faculty of the Department of...

  12. Melanie Roberts

  13. Robert Kirsch

  14. Robert Marshak

    Robert J. (Bob) Marshak, Ph.D. has been an organizational change consultant and professor at American University for more than forty years. He also held senior executive positions with...

  15. Jun 08 2015

    African Science Leadership Program

    The Africa Science Leadership Program (ASLP) is a new initiative of the University of Pretoria and the Global Young Academy, with the support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. It aims to grow...

  16. Etinosa Igbinosa

  17. Smeetha Singh

    I obtained an Honours and Masters degree at the University of Pretoria and focused on Medicinal Plant Sciences during this time. Thereafter, I explored a different aspect of Science as a Science...

  18. Maggie Dugan

    Maggie has been working with Knowinnovation as a facilitator and trainer since 2007. She has facilitated dozens of Sandpits, Ideas Labs and similarly-styled workshops and events designed to...

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