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Tags: machine learning

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  1. Heba Sailem

  2. Theodore Pavlic

  3. Juan B Gutierrez

  4. Panagiotis Barmpoutis

    The background and expertise of my research is on medical image analysis, computer vision, and artificial intelligence in digital pathology. Specifically, my expertise is on computer-aided analysis...

  5. Pandu Raharja-Liu

  6. Yipeng Hu

    I am a Lecturer in Surgical and Interventional Sciences at UCL. My research has a current focus on applying modern machine learning methods in computer-assisted interventions and surgical...

  7. Zoran Popovic

  8. Marilee Bresciani Ludvik

  9. Michael Cohen

    Founder/CEO of Cignition -focused on 3rd - 8th grade mathematics learning, with an emphasis on conceptual understanding. Through collaborations, focus on neuroscience and learning science in...

  10. Dheeraj Rathee

  11. Lyndon Smith

    Professor in Computer Simulation and Machine Vision, in the Centre for Machine Vision, UWE. Expertise based on research in the field of Computer Simulation and Machine Vision, with particular...

  12. Matina Giannarou

    Stamatia (Matina) Giannarou received the MEng degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace, Greece in 2003, the MSc degree in communications and signal...

  13. Giorgio Quer

  14. Gang Liu

    Self-motivated and enthusiastic data scientist with over 10 years’ experience in developing and applying statistical learning models for process monitoring and control, system diagnostics and...

  15. Alexandra Larsen

  16. Roman Garnett

  17. Hagit Shatkay

    I am a Professor and Director of the Computational Biomedicine and Machine Learning Lab at the Dept. of Computer Sciences, University of Delaware. I have a PhD in Computer Science (Statistical...

  18. Jianjun Hu

  19. Anuj Karpatne

  20. Arun Ross

    Researcher in biometrics, computer vision, and machine learning. Interested in collaboration with researchers from genomics, cognitive psychology, forensics, and physics. Currently, investigating...

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