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Tags: Mathematics

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  1. Theodore Pavlic

  2. Andrew Ribner

  3. Jennifer N Davis

  4. Yesmi Rios

  5. Jeremy Roschelle

  6. Paul Macklin

    Paul Macklin is a mathematician, Associate Professor, and Director of Undergraduate studies in the recently-established Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering at Indiana University. His lab...

  7. Gemma Poulter

    My background is in Maths and Statistics and my PhD was in the field of building statistical surrogate models. Surrogate models provide a more realistic avenue for analysing computational models...

  8. Elie Alhajjar

  9. Dimitris Pinotsis

    Dr Dimitris Pinotsis is a Assistant Professor with tenure (Lecturer) at the Centre for Mathematical Neuroscience and Psychology and the Department of Psychology at City, University of London. He is...

  10. William Severa

  11. Thomas Hacker

  12. Charles Epstein

    I am a mathematician who has worked on a range of problems in pure, and applied mathematics. I have also worked on image analysis, computational electro-magnetics, and both analytic and numerical...

  13. Meher Singh

    My name is Meher Singh and I am a public health researcher focused on the social determinants of health, including public safety and police-community relations. I am also a...

  14. Paul Mahaffy

  15. Serina Diniega

  16. Erica Graham

  17. Roummel Marcia

  18. Vrushali Bokil

    Vrushali Bokil received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Houston in 2003 under the direction of Professor Roland Glowinski. Before coming to Oregon State University, she was a...

  19. John Harer

  20. Yazhen Wang

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