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Tags: Math & Physical Sciences

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  1. Zhe Zhang

  2. Michael Steckler

  3. Kari St.Laurent

    Research Coordinator for the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve

  4. Charles Nichols

  5. Stephen Moysey

    I am a Professor of Geological Sciences at ECU and Director of our new interdisciplinary Water Resources Center. My background is in hydrology and geophysics with an emphasis on understanding flow...

  6. Melissa Moulton

  7. William Lipscomb

  8. Erika Lentz

    Erika Lentz is a Research Geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey stationed at the Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center. She received her PhD in Geology from the University of Rhode...

  9. Nirni Kumar

    As a coastal physical oceanographer I have strong interest in coastal physical processes and relation to tracer exchange (contaminants/larvae/bacteria) between the surf zone and deeper waters. In...

  10. Rao Kotamarthi

  11. Amin Kiaghadi

    Amin Kiaghadi earned his PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Houston. He is a joint affiliated postdoctoral fellow working under the direction of Dr. Clint Dawson at ICES and...

  12. Klaus Keller

    I am a professor of geosciences at Penn State where I also directs the Center for Climate Risk Management. Before joining Penn State, I worked as a research scientist and lecturer at Princeton...

  13. William Kearney

    Will Kearney is a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Virginia. He obtained a Ph.D. from Boston University in 2018. His research interests lie in wetland hydrodynamics and sediment...

  14. John Haines

  15. Edmund-Kar Chang

    My main research focus is on investigating mid latitude storms, including how to forecast them better from a few days out to a season, how they may change under global warming, and their immense...

  16. Lu Zhai

    I am interested in vegetation dynamics in a changing environment. Some of my studies are about mangrove expansion/die back under sea level rise.

  17. Rick Spinrad

    Rick Spinrad is a Professor of Oceanography at Oregon State University (OSU) and President-Elect of the Marine Technology Society (MTS). In 2016 he retired as Chief Scientist of the National...

  18. Anne Sheehan

    Anne Sheehan is a Professor of Geological Sciences and Fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is a...

  19. Kiki Patsch

  20. Hilary McMillan

    I hope to contribute my knowledge in the areas of hydrology, water-related hazards, coupled models and socio-hydrology. Simulating the whole system from atmosphere to oceans will be essential to...

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