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  1. ron dvir

  2. Raphaela Kaisler

    I´m Mental Health Programme Manager and Liaison Officer at LBG. I have a background in molecular biology and science communication. I gained work experience as a scientist in the field of...

  3. Patrick Lehner

    My goal is to work together with open-minded and inspiring people to enhance the impact of research. I am looking forward to meeting you at the Ideas Lab in Vienna!

  4. Ademir Vrolijk

  5. Amy Kaminski

  6. Andrea Wiggins

  7. Beth Beck

  8. Carolyn Mercer

  9. Cassie Bowman

  10. Cory Lehan

  11. Darlene Cavalier

  12. David Tomblin

  13. George Tahu

  14. Jason Duley

  15. Jason Kessler

  16. Kristen Erickson

  17. Lynn Buquo

  18. Marc Kuchner

  19. Michelle Viotti

  20. Monsi Roman

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