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Tags: Physical sciences and mathematics

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  1. Bo Li

    Dr. Bo Li is a Professor in Department of Statistics at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). She received her PhD in Statistics from Texas A&M University in 2006, and then became a...

  2. Edward George

  3. Michael JORDAN

  4. Diane Foster

  5. Eckart Meiburg

  6. Julia Lane

  7. Mark S. Handcock

  8. Greg Ridgeway

  9. Tian Zheng

  10. Will Fithian

  11. Abel Rodriguez

    I am Professor of Statistics and Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs at the Baskin School of Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I am also the Associate Director of the Center...

  12. John Duchi

  13. Richard Samworth

    Richard Samworth obtained his BA in Mathematics (1999), MMath (2000) and PhD in Statistics (2004) from the University of Cambridge. Following a Research Fellowship at St John's College, Cambridge,...

  14. Patrick Wolfe

  15. Robert Lupton

  16. Donald Geman

  17. James Rosenberger

  18. Simon Tavaré

    Recently moved to Columbia to start new mathematical sciences and cancer institute. Am in statistics and biological sciences departments.

  19. Deborah Nolan

  20. Jacqueline Hughes-Oliver

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